Younger generations try to define their future by planning their careers wisely. Even in unpredictable scenarios, they study, analyse, and mindfully structure their next steps. However, they don’t usually think about what comes after: retirement.

Why do we try and rationalize the next 30 years of our lives instead of 60, when life expectancy levels are so high? Why aren't we thinking about what comes after we cease working? Are we afraid of realizing that the structures of the past are unfitted for the world of tomorrow? Or is it just because nobody talks about this?

Life does not end when we stand down from work.
It is critical to consider what comes next. What can we do today to ensure the quality of life of our future self?

The arts have always delved into unconventional themes. Promoted by GoBusiness, the “Reality Check: Life After Retirement” Open Call invites emerging artists to explore this subject using different modes of expression. 


Calling out for participation and experimentation, the Open Call seeks to build a multidisciplinary discussion on this complex and poorly explored topic that concerns us all. From painting to performance, as well as sculpture, architecture, design, film, music and photography, every art form is welcome. This integrative approach will then lead to an exhibition presenting 15 selected artworks.


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I’m over 35 years old.
Can I participate?

—No, this Open Call has an age limit of 35 years old.

I am portuguese but I live abroad.
Can I participate?


I’m not portuguese but I live in Portugal.
Can I participate?


What type of file should my digital submission be?

—Your project images should be in Presention Mode (General View and Details, in colour, with 300 dpi, JPEG or TIFF format and maximum size of 10 MB).

What should be the dimensions of my images?

-Any size is adequated in the selection phase, as long as details can be clearly seen and the file size does not exceed 10 MB.

How can I send my application?

—Only the applications submited through this website will be considered. In case of video projects, images of the project should be presented.

Other questions?

—Please reach us through our e-mail.